I can’t even describe how powerful of an influence the 80s has had on me – and surprisingly still has on pop culture. Here are a few ways the 80s has snuck back (or up) into the 21st century:

Journey’s 1981 hit “Don’t Stop Believin” has made several poignant appearances over the past handful of years, rejuvenating our spirits with its powerful and trademark 80s positive, uplifting, and energetic riffs. First, the Chicago White Sox adopted it as their anthem en route to the 2005 World Series. Then, it served as the closing soundtrack to the final moments of the HBO hit series The Sopranos. More recently, its popularity was revived again when it was featured on the hit TV show Glee.

The Smurfs, the latest box office phenomenon to hit the big screen, used to light up our small screens every Saturday morning as an animated series. We fell in love with those little blue creatures, and let’s face it, Papa Smurf probably ended up teaching us more life lessons than our own parents did.

Nothing makes a more ironic, and thus awesome, fashion statement than rocking throwback wardrobe items that speak to your love of the 80s. I’m sure you’ve noticed that 80s t-shirts are on the rise. It seems everywhere I look there’s someone sporting a Madonna or Top Gun tee.

For a kid who spent all his time next to an enormous tape deck rocking out to 80s tunes, nothing shows off my love of the 80s like this funny t-shirt.

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