80s Movies

“Heathers” to be remade into TV series

In today’s edition of ’80s movies getting a 21st-century makeover: “Heathers,” the TV show (just two weeks, it was “St. Elmo’s Fire”). According to Variety the dark comedy is being revamped for the small screen by writer Mark Rizzo and “Sex and the City” alum Jenny Bicks. The original ’88 film starred Winona Ryder as high schooler Veronica, part of a mean-girl clique comprised of girls named Heather. When dreamy

St. Elmo's Fire headed to TV

ABC has the hots for “St. Elmo’s Fire,” a contemporary take on the 1985 movie that launched the filmmaking career of Joel Schumacher. After strong interest from multiple networks, ABC landed the dramedy series project, exec produced by Schumacher, Topher Grace, Dan Bucatinsky and Jamie Tarses and to be written by Bucatinsky. “Fire,” which has received a script commitment with a penalty attached to it, hails from Sony Pictures TV,

They aint afraid of no ghosts! YouTube is showing the classic 80’s comedy Ghostbusters in full

YouTube is streaming the 1st  Ghostbusters movie for free for a whole week as a celebration of its 25th anniversary. Ghostbusters was the 1984 hit starring Bill Murray and Dan Aykroid as two bumbling scientists who start a ghost cleaning service in New York City.  It is a classic 80s comedy and worth another watch, so pop some popcorn and head on over to YouTube for some retro 80s laughs!

Tom Cruise’s son signs on to the remake of Red Dawn

Tom Cruise’s son is among the newest Wolverines to join the remake of “Red Dawn,” the 1984 action movie about a group of teenagers who form an insurgency when their town is invaded — this time by Chinese and Russian soldiers. Connor Cruise, 14, will join fellow new recruits Josh Hutcherson, Isabel Lucas and Edwin Hodge in the MGM/UA project. Already cast are Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck and Adrianne Palicki.

80’s Teen Flick director John Hughes is dead at the age of 59.

Writer-director John Hughes, Hollywood’s youth impresario of the 1980s and ’90s who captured the teen and pre teen market with such favorites as “Home Alone,””The Breakfast Club” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” died Thursday, a spokeswoman said.  He was 59. Hughes died of a heart attack during a morning walk in Manhattan, Michelle Bega said.  He was in New York to visit family. JakeBloom, Hughes’ longtime attorney, said he was

Time for the 80’s: Jason Vorhees style!

As a die-hard horror fan, I feel I have the right to say that Friday the 13th has never been a particularly intellectual series.  It is has never made chronological sense, nor tried to explain how Jason mysteriously transformed from a drowning 10-year-old boy into a hulking, deformed indestructible killer. But that’s okay. Audiences (for some reason) accept this and enjoy the series for what it is – cheap thrills,

Next up on the 80s remake carousel… Flight of the Navigator

Disney is readying another launch of sci-fi adventure movie “Flight of the Navigator.” Brad Copeland is writing the remake, which is being produced by Mandeville partners David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman. The 1986 original told the story of a 12-year-old boy who is abducted by an alien spacecraft in 1978 and reappears eight years later, still the same age and with no memory of what happened. NASA scientists discover a

Lionsgate puts out a new 80s Movie Collection

The Best Movies You Totally Forgot About The Lost Collection   Lionsgate presents The Lost Collection eight fun theatrical films from the 1980s featuring the “best films you totally forgot about” that include Irreconcilable Differences, My Best Friend is a Vampire, Morgan Stewart’s Coming Home, The Night Before, Slaughter High, Homer & Eddie, Hiding Out and Repossessed.    Featuring some of the decade’s best music and hippest stars including Drew Barrymore (Never

10 Best Teen Movies of the 80’s

The Denver Entertainment Examiner comes up with their list of the 10 best teen movies of the 80s. There’s something about my increasing anxiety at such a typical Colorado spring, in the sense of complete bipolar changes in weather that makes me antsy to watch some good old fashioned and fun loving 80’s teen flicks. I will admit here and now that I have a secret, guilty, passion for all things