80s TV Shows

Where are they now: The cast of 80s hit Fame

It was the television and movie phenomenon that influenced fashion for a generation and had us all rushing out to buy leggings and leg warmers. Now, more than a quarter of a century after Fame first hit our cinemas and TV screens, it’s about to become cool all over again thanks to a new documentary on television. Justin Lee Collins hosts Bring Back Fame , where he celebrates the classic

Iconic 80’s Animation ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ on DVD

In the mid 1980s, a strange phenomenon overcame moviegoers and animation enthusiasts in the form of a team of oddly compatible men that formed the most formidable paranormal investigation team the nation had ever seen. Ghostbusters, who risked life and limb to protect the general public from any assortment of trouble-making phantasms, then-served as the focus of a memorable feature film and later a long running animated television series. The

“Dynasty” Diva Joan Collins: An ’80s Icon

  Actress Joan Collins, who played Alexis Carrington, John Forsythe’s vindictive ex wife on “Dynasty,” helped to set the bar when it came to malicious scheming, cat-fighting and starting fashion trends. Today, Collins continues to challenge herself with writing books and columns, as well as roles on television and the big screen. The legendary 75-year-old actress sat down with Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith to chat about her iconic status

Smurfs became a hit in the 1980s, and they’ve never really gone away

  Ah, to be a middle-aged Smurf. The little blue creatures may have turned 50 but they face no mid-life crisis. More than two decades removed from the height of Smurfmania in the United States, they still manage to bring in millions in royalties every year and even have a movie in the works. Not bad for a race that lives in mushroom houses, stands only three apples tall, and started

Return to Southfork… Fans Celebrate the 30th anniversary of “Dallas”

Larry Hagman was reluctant to be on a new TV show called “Dallas” when he first read the script in the late 1970s, figuring there wouldn’t be any money in it. But his wife persuaded him to give the role of conniving oil baron and cattle rancher J.R. Ewing a shot, saying they could “renegotiate” and that the job might pay off. It did, eventually earning Hagman a reported $100,000

1980s Hit Show “V” to Invade Prime-Time Television

  The 1980s miniseries about invading alien lizards on earth, V, will be making its comeback on ABC, reports Variety news. Aboard the new adaptation of the franchise is two time Emmy nominated co-creator/producer of The 4400, Scott Peters, as writer. Peters comments that he “wasn’t looking to do another sci-fi piece. But when Warner Bros. TV approached” him about reinventing V, the producer said he couldn’t resist. “Whenever I mention ‘V’ to anybody, they still have a

80s TV teen success stories

Neil Patrick HarrisWe always knew we loved Doogie, but we never knew we’d love him as much as we did when Neil Patrick Harris played a parody of himself in “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” in 2004. Even if we’ll always see him as the cute, 16-year-old medical prodigy, he’s parlayed his recent revival into a spot as one of TV’s most awesome characters, Barney on CBS’s “How

The Next 80s TV show to be made into a movie? The Greatest American Hero

The 80s cult TV series “The Greatest American Hero” is coming to a theater near you. Creator Stephen J. Cannell confirms that the project is in the development stages. Cannell told the audience at a panel at the Screen Actors Guild foundation’s 75th anniversary, “We’ve written a screenplay, and we’ve hired a director, and we’re in the midst of putting this together for the future.” The show, which ran for

NBC going back to the 80s for new TV show

  NBC has ordered up a one hour pilot for “Lost in the 80s”.  The show is described as an 80s version of the Wonder Years, which makes sense since the show was created by Wonder Years writer Bob Brush.  In addition to the Wonder years, the show is being compared to Fast Times at Ridgemont High with a little Ice Storm added in.  NBC has been looking back to the 80s a lot