80s Outfits

Different looks from the 80's to wear at an 80s Party

Madonna Lucky Star Outfit

80s Outfits - The Madonna Look

The early 80s Madonna look

This 80s outfit is the look Madonna wore in her early videos like Lucky Star. To build this 80s Outfit, pair the below with a black tank top and black skirt. Also a Waist Chain Belt makes a great accessory:

Michael Jackson Beat It Outfit

80s Outfits - Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's Outfit in the Beat It video

This 80s outfit is all about the Jacket. Wear the below jacket with black pants and white socks and you will have the look of Michael in the classic video for Beat It. If you are curious about the t-shirt he wore under the jacket, here are the details.

Michael Jackson Beat It Jacket

Rainbow Brite Outfit

80s Outfits - The Rainbow Brite 80s Look

The Rainbow Brite look

This 80s outfit is the look Rainbow Brite wore in the 80s Cartoon Rainbow Brite.

To build this 80s outfit, pair a blue dress (white trim is a bonus) with leg warmers for your arms and legs. You can jump start your costume with this dress/stockings/belt combo.

Slash Outfit

80s Outfits - Slash's 80s Look

The Slash Look

This 80s outfit is the look Slash wore in the iconic Guns N' Roses video for Sweet Child O' Mine.

To build this 80s outfit, wear black pants (leather if you have them) and a black shirt. Add the below final touches:

* To make the look super accurate, wear a black leather coat with fringe under the vest!