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80s Clothes

80s Fashion - Leg Warmers

Leg Warmers

Leg Warmers were not just for exercising in the 80s. These were actually a common 80s fashion item! Usually in conjunction with a short mini skirt. They became really popular among teens in the early 80s after the films Fame and Flashdance came out

80s Fashion - Members Only Jacket

Members Only Jacket

Chances are, if you were into 80s fashion, you had a Members Only Jacket. These jackets were very popular in the 80s. They were first introduced in 1981 and came in a variety of colors.

80s Members Only Jackets

80s Fashion - Acid Wash Jeans

Acid Wash Jeans

Acid Wash Jeans were jeans that were soaked in chlorine or some other product that removed the top layer of blue denim and left the jeans looking white with blue undertones. If you were really cool in the 80s you wore the matching acid washed denim coat to match the jeans. In 80s fashion, you could not have too much denim!

80s Fashion - Shoulder Pads

Shoulder Pads

Shoulder Pads were not just worn by football players. Women went for the square shouldered look by putting shoulder pads in their outfits. Because, you know, what woman would not want to look like a football player? This form of 80s fashion showed up often on the night time soaps like Dynasty.

Star Wars

80s Fashion Accessories

80s Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Wayfarers were by far the most popular sunglasses worn in the 80s. Originally designed in the 1950s, the Wayfarer had declined in popularity by the late 70s. That all changed in 1983 when Tom Cruise wore them for his break out movie role in the film Risky Business. Demand for the glasses took off with hundreds of thousands being sold immediately after the release of the movie. The glasses could be seen on many of the top celebrities of the 80s, including Michael Jackson, Don Johnson, and Madonna.

Jellies (shoes)


Jellies were shoes made out of PVC plastic that, for some reason, were very popular in the 80s. The shoes were transparent and shiny (hence the Jelly name) and usually had some kind of glitter on them. You could usually pick up a pair of these "high quality" shoes for about a dollar!

80s Hair Styles

80s Hair Style

How to style 80s Hair

80s Looks

80s Fashion: The Valley Girl Look

The Valley Girl Look

This 80s fashion style was made popular by the early 80's movie of the same name. The essential part of this look was pairing a mini skirt with leggings, leg warmers, or both. An off the shoulder top makes a good pairing. Also keep with the 80s colors of pink, yellow, teal, or lime green to complete the look.

80s Fashion - Madonna

Lingerie as Outerwear

The 80s fashion style of Madonna

Flashdance Sweatshirt

The Flashdance style - Off the shoulder shirt

The Off The Shoulder shirt makes an awesome 80s Halloween costume, because it is so easy to make. Just take a standard grey fleece sweatshirt and cut the neck out really big! Also works with a T-shirt:

Flashdance T-Shirt

How to Dress Like the 80s

80s Fashion- off shoulder dress

Women's Fashion Tips : How to Buy '80s Clothing

Vintage stores are a good source for buying '80s clothes. Rachel Youens of AustinStyleWatch.com gives you tips on finding clothes from the 1980s. One great source of vintage 80s clothing is the website Vintagetrends.com.

Cyndi Lauper - 80s Fashion

How to get the 80s Look

An 80s Fashion Video

Flashdance Sweatshirt

How Teens Dressed in the 80s

Rebecca Raskind from Chic Little Devil Style House looks at what teenage girls used to wear in the 80s.

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